First-Year Students

Academic Advising

Every student entering and continuing at Simpson College will have the opportunity to work with a faculty member who will serve as the student’s academic advisor. For a first-year student entering the college, the faculty member who will is teaching the student’s selected Simpson Colloquium (SC) 101 course will be assigned as the student’s first-year advisor. A student will be encouraged to switch to a faculty member as an advisor within the department offering the student’s declared major. The faculty advisor assumes the role of assisting and guiding a student through the academic curriculum, exploration of majors and minors, and the registration process of selecting appropriate courses for upcoming semesters.

When working with a faculty advisor, it is the student’s responsibility for providing the advisor with information needed to assist in the process. This requires maintaining communication with the advisor and responding to their inquiries as needed. Throughout a student’s time at Simpson, faculty members often reach out to their advisees to arrange meetings, respond to academic concerns, or other issues which might arise. It is essential for students to visit with their advisors when issues or questions arise in a timely manner to receive assistance and guidance.

As a student, it becomes your responsibility to monitor your progress at the college. We encourage and expect students to access the information provided to students within SC Connect and other college resources. It is important to review and understand your degree audit which provides you details on your progress toward the completion of the degree requirements. The faculty advisors realize students can be uncertain about future plans, career choices, or fields of study during their time at the college. Advisors will be able to provide guidance through these questions and assist students in their exploration processes.

In addition to the faculty advisors, the Hawley Academic Resource and Advising Center (located in the Dunn Library) provides an opportunity for students to visit with a professional staff member of the college to discuss the advising processes. This service does not replace the role of the faculty advisors but is available as an additional resource for students throughout their time at the college.