Major Exploration

Some students entering the college believe they know exactly what field of study they will pursue, study, or career. However, many students will also not know what path may be in front of them or even make one (or possibly) more changes in their choices. As a student begins and continues their studies, questions about these choices and opportunities will arise. This is very common and it is OK for a student to ask the questions regarding their options for majors and careers. The academic advisors and other professional staff members of the college are prepared to work with students to provide the guidance required. As part of this process, the college encourages students to explore the courses offered through the curriculum in order to determine a path toward your objectives. There are multiple resources and tools available to assist in this decision-making process to help you learn more about your options. We encourage students to explore their interests since this is part of the learning process in everyone’s life.

Although a student’s academic advisor serves as a good resource for discussing career and major choices, a student can also choose to visit the college’s Career Services or Center for Vocation and Integrative Learning (CVIL). These offices are available to students to further these discussions and review other tools or resources which are available for guidance. However, many individuals across the campus are ready to help a student discuss their ideas and future plans. Members from all departments across the campus provide an essential resource and service for students exploring majors, interest areas, career paths, and other life decisions.

We encourage students to take a variety of courses across disciplines to help explore areas of interest. Again, it is perfectly normal for a student to not know exactly what their major will be or what career they wish to pursue. The college provides many opportunities for students to ask their questions, identify skills and strengths, and what might be a good fit for them. This is part of the critical thinking process and is an important part of any student’s life at college. Be assured, the college will work with you to help provide the guidance you are seeking.