The contents of the portfolio must, however, meet the following minimal requirements:

1. The portfolio must contain writing from at least four different courses in at least two different departments, plus the reflective essay.

2. At least one of the papers submitted must be from a course taken as part of the student’s major. To insure that fulfilling this requirement is possible for all students, each major shall designate one or more of its 200 or 300 level courses in the major as a “Writing Portfolio (WP) course” in the course schedule book. Such courses shall include a paper suitable for submission as a portfolio item. This requirement will go into effect with the class of 2005, though it will be encouraged for classes prior to that.

3. The reflective essay should discuss important choices the student made in creating the portfolio and explain how the items collectively demonstrate his or her growth and development as a writer. The essay should give portfolio readers a clearer understanding of the student’s work as a writer.

4. With the exception of the reflective essay:

A) Each of the items must be at least 500 words long (approximately 2-3 pages).

B) At least one item must be at least 1500 words long (approximately 6-7 pages).

C) Each item must bear a professor’s grade of at least C-, its numerical equivalent, or the professor’s written statement that the item meets portfolio standards.

D) At least one item must demonstrate the student’s ability to use some form of secondary sources and document them according to one of the three commonly used scholarly forms of documentation: Turabian, MLA, or APA.

5. Items must be included in the form that they were returned to the student. They need not be revised or retyped. However, revisions may be helpful, especially where they have been suggested by the professor. Revisions must be accompanied by the original graded assignment, and, if the original grade was less than a C-, must bear the professor’s certification that the revision merits at least a C- grade.

6. Papers must have been written after the completion of English 102 or its equivalent.

7. No in-class writing assignments (for example, essay exams) may be included.

8. Transfer students may include writing done at other schools, as long as the writing meets the other portfolio requirements.

The following kinds of writing are appropriate for inclusion in the portfolio: research papers; critical essays on a particular text or topic; book reviews; personal essays or other forms of imaginative prose; take-home examinations; lab reports; newspaper articles or other journalism assignments; unit plans or handbooks; and internship or co-op education reports.