Rubric for Evaluation


Category 4

Focus: The writing has a clear focus (central idea) which unifies all parts.

Content: Supporting content is relevant, appropriate, specific and sufficient for the purpose of the paper.

Organization: Organization is clear and logical, with helpful transitions.

Style: The sentence structure is coherent and smooth-flowing with appropriate word choice for the topic and intended audience.

Mechanics: Spelling, punctuation and grammar conform to Standard American English.

Category 3

Category 3 writing is similar to that of Category 4. However, any or all of the five subpoints could have some weaknesses. For example, though the paper has an internal structure, readers must work a little harder to follow it, and there are occasional punctuation errors. Taken together, however, these weaknesses are not disruptive to the meaning and effect of the whole.


Category 2

Focus: The central idea is vague or unclear.

Content: The support is insufficient or irrelevant; evidence may be repetitious or padded.

Organization: Overall structure is unclear, and readers have trouble following the logic of the argument.  Transitions are absent or inappropriate.

Style: Many sentences are poorly constructed, unclear, wordy, or monotonous. Diction is inappropriate or even misleading.

Mechanics: Errors in spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar sometimes obscure meaning.

Category 1

Category 1 writing is similar to that of Category 2, but the problems are much more severe. The student needs extensive help, probably going way beyond the scope of the original effort, to resubmit a passing text.