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History liberates us from the confines of time and place. We can take down the Berlin Wall with David Hasselhoff. We can get arrested with the suffragette Alice Paul. We can help drive the Golden Spike at Promontory Point. We can cheer (or not) with the sans-culottes as citizen Louis Capet (known to some as King Louis XVI) lost his head in the French Revolution.

History also empowers us by demonstrating the strength of the collective will, cooperation, technology, and the passionate, undaunted voice.

Simpson College history majors will graduate with a critical understanding of the essential features of the western tradition, a discriminating knowledge of cultures different from their own, and the communication and thinking skills necessary for both a career and full participation as citizens.

History majors achieve this mission by reading primary sources in our “Great Books” approach to Western Civilization, role playing in Reacting to the Past games, traveling to foreign countries, building relationships with professors and peers, working on their own independent research projects, and working as historians through internships throughout the state.

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Iowa History Center Scholarship

Are you interested in Iowa history and working to preserve and promote the history of the state and Midwest? The Iowa History Center is accepting applications for the Iowa History Center Scholars Program.

Do Iowa History
Iowa History Center Scholars Program

Simpson alum and host of Market to Market, Mike Pearson

Success Stories

Mike Pearson ’10- Upholding His Dad’s Legacy

I would say going to Simpson helped me a lot. The things you learn as a history major is how to ask questions and how to interpret things. It certainly helped me in that regard. More…

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