Opportunities for Involvement

RTTP History students
RTTP students (History)

The History Department at Simpson offers a variety of ways for students to become involved in the study of the past, making it not only meaningful but also memorable. 

Through innovative teaching techniques like Reacting to the Past, students have the opportunity to explore critical moments in history from the inside.  

Through annual offerings of international travel experiences, students have the opportunity of exploring history where it was actually made. 

Through a variety of internship experiences, students have the opportunity to use their skills of historical inquiry outside the classroom and make history accessible to the public.

Be A Part of History

Find out more about Reacting to the Past

Many history courses use an innovative teaching method of having students jump into important moments in history.  Through Reacting to the Past, history comes to life as students take on historical roles to engage with philosophies, problems and debates of the past.

Where in the world can History take you?

Find out more about Study Abroad with History

Take learning outside the classroom by traveling over May Term with History.  Each year the department offers course(s) that take students abroad to experience traveling as well as learning about the past where it actually happened.
Italy May Term 2011 - Pisa Student Group
Leopold von Ranke, Father of Modern History
Leopold von Ranke, father of the modern discipline of history. 

Make Some History Of Your Own

Find out more about our Internships

Simpson history majors are getting real-world experience and making contributions to the discipline of history.  Through the Iowa History Center's internship program, history majors have had opportunities to work in historical archives, create public exhibits and websites and provide historical research work for a variety of organizations.