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It’s Greenwich Village, New York City. The year is 1913. Gathered together is a collection of suffragists, labor activists and Greenwich Village bohemians. More…

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What are the required courses for a History major?

Livingstone ClassSimpson College history majors will graduate with a critical understanding of the essential features of the western tradition, a discriminating knowledge of cultures different than their own, and the communication and thinking skills necessary for both a career and full participation as citizens.

As a History major, students will complete a program of 10 courses plus a Senior capstone.

Western Traditions (Two courses)

Choose one of the following courses: Hist 101 Western Civilization I; Hist 111 Western Civilization I (RTTP); Hum 101 Western Traditions I

Choose one of the following courses: Hist 102 Western Cvilization II; Hist 112 Western Civilization II (RTTP); Hum 102 Western Traditions II

200 Level Survey Electives  (Four courses)

Developing World (One course required) Hist 275 History of India; Hist 276 History of China; Hist 277 History of the Muslim World; Hist 278 History of Latin America

U.S. History (One course required) Hist 201 U.S. History to 1877; Hist 202 U.S. History since 1877; Hist 211 African-American History; Hist 222 American Women’s History; Hist 261 American Environmental History

European History (One course required) Hist 231 History of England to 1688 Hist 232 History of England since 1688 Hist 234 History of France since 1789 Hist 270 The Crusades

One additional elective chosen from the three groups above.

300-level Electives (Four courses)

U.S. History (One course required) Hist 355 History of Iowa; Hist 358 Constitutional History of the United States; Hist 359 Colonial and Revolutionary America; Hist 363 American Civil War; Hist 364 Readings in United States History (Special Topics); Hist 367 Modern America 1877-1920; Hist 368 Recent America

European History (One course required) Hist 305 Renaissance and Reformation 1300-1648; Hist 308 Nineteenth Century Europe 1789-1914; Hist 309 Contemporary Europe; Hist 322 Women and Gender in European History; Hist 333 Crime & Punishment in European History; Hist 344 Readings in European History (Special Topics); Hist 370 Europe and World War I

Integrative (One course required) Hist 319 Public History Internship Hist 369 Historical Simulation Design Hist 386 Senior Research Seminar

One additional elective chosen from the three groups above.

Senior Capstone

          Hist 385 Interpretations of History and Historiography