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Nick Proctor – History

It’s Greenwich Village, New York City. The year is 1913. Gathered together is a collection of suffragists, labor activists and Greenwich Village bohemians. More…

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What are the required courses for a History major?

Livingstone ClassSimpson College history majors will graduate with a critical understanding of the essential features of the western tradition, a discriminating knowledge of cultures different than their own, and the communication and thinking skills necessary for both a career and full participation as citizens.

As a History major, students will complete a program of 10 courses plus a Senior capstone.

If you declare as a History major starting in academic year 2015-2016, the requirements are as follows:

100 Levels (Two Courses)   

Take any two of the 100-level History courses offered by the department.

200 Levels  (Four courses)

HIST 285 - Thinking Historically  (this course should be taken in the sophomore year)


Take one 200-level course from EACH of the following areas:

Developing World 

U.S. History 

European History 

300-level Electives (Four courses)

One course at the 300-level in U.S. History 

Once course at the 300-level in European History  

Two additional 300-level courses.

Senior Capstone

          Hist 385 Interpretations of History and Historiography