History Minor

History students

What are the required courses for a History minor?

A history minor can be combined with a major in a related or unrelated field.  Simpson College history minors find their analytical and communication skills relevant to jobs in a variety of careers as well as excellent preparation for fields like law, journalism and public administration.

As a History minor, students will complete a program of 6 courses.

Western Traditions (Two courses)

Choose one of the following courses: Hist 101 Western Civilization I; Hist 111 Western Civilization I (RTTP); Hum 101 Western Traditions I

Choose one of the following courses: Hist 102 Western Civilization II; Hist 112 Western Civilization II (RTTP); Hum 102 Western Traditions II

200 Level Survey Electives (Two courses)

Hist 201 U.S. History to 1877; Hist 202 U.S. History since 1877; Hist 211 African-American History; Hist 222 American Women’s History; Hist 231 History of England to 1688; Hist 232 History of England since 1688; Hist 234 History of France since 1789; Hist 261 American Environmental History; Hist 270 The Crusades; Hist 275 History of India; Hist 276 History of China; Hist 277 History of the Muslim World; Hist 278 History of Latin America

300 Level Electives (Two courses)

Hist 305 Renaissance and Reformation 1300-1648; Hist 308 Nineteenth Century Europe 1789-1914; Hist 309 Contemporary Europe; Hist 319 Public History Internship; Hist 322 Women and Gender in European History; Hist 333 Crime & Punishment in European History; Hist 344 Readings in European History; Hist 355 History of Iowa; Hist 358 Constitutional History of the United States; Hist 359 Colonial and Revolutionary America; Hist 363 American Civil War; Hist 364 Readings in United States History; Hist 367 Modern America 1877-1920; Hist 368 Recent America; Hist 369 Historical Simulation Design; Hist 370 Europe and World War I; Hist 391 Honors in History