Why study History at Simpson?

“Studying history is all about studying how to be a good person and how to be a great thinker. . . . My history major has not only made me a scholar, but also a good person that can properly function in society.”

~ Tyson Wirtz, '12
Jenn Arnold in NYC for a History Conference

“Being a history major requires a lot of work from students, but it is also a very rewarding major…. A variety of courses are offered . . . [which] affords students the unique opportunity to incorporate a wide variety of other fields of study to analyze history and learn not only what happened, but why, how and, ultimately why does it matter."

~ Jenn Arnold '10

"When I came to Simpson, I expected my mandatory history course to be nothing more than a requirment to suffer through. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that history can be fun, engaging, and more than simple memorization of dates. I've especially enjoyed learning about groups that have traditionally been looked over like women and African American history."

~ Allie Walker, '12

Allie Walker Photo

“I did not just learn the material needed to pass a test. Instead, I learned how to learn.”

~ Lara Roy, '11

"I became a history major because I have always had a passion for reading and argumentation. History (and the humanities) offered that. I think someone should be a history major because it offers student useful tools such as researching, reading, analyzing, writing, arguing, etc."

                                                      ~ Rawley Butler, '13

Rawley Butler (History)
Sarah Aasheim History

“Students quickly realize that learning history isn’t just memorizing dates and facts but learning to ask ‘why’.”

~ Sarah Aasheim, '10

“[With classes] built for discussion rather than a tendency towards impersonal lectures.  Students are taught to analyze the textbook approach to history and develop the skills necessary to observe the past.  Innovations such as the Reacting to the Past series and courses such as Historiography tear down the walls between professor and student, so that the study of History become what it should be, a conversation.

~ David Albrecht, '10

Keith Bryan History

"History has always been one of my favorite subjects.  … After completing an Accounting Major, I was glad to be able to get a History Major as well.  The classes are never boring and the professors know how to make discussion and debate engaging and enjoyable."

~  Keith Bryan, '10

“I won’t say that being a history major is easy, but I will say it is rewarding.”

~ Ken Jaeger, '13
Ken Jaeger (History)

"I’ve grown as a student and a person because the History department at Simpson supports one-on-one interaction between professors and students, creates an engaging atmosphere while challenging students to think outside the box, and encourages the pursuit of career interests in creative ways."

~  Meredith Ferguson, '10

"I have always loved History because learning about how people lived in the past and then putting myself in their shoes was fascinating to me.  It helped me understand how and why the World is the way it is today.  Being a history major will truly change your thought process, which opens your world to so many opportunities… there really is nothing you cannot do after being a history major!"

~ Emily Stover '13

Emily Stover Student

"While at Simpson, I have learned there is much more to history than memorizing dates and facts. . . . The skills that I have acquired in past history courses including public speaking, critical thinking, and analytical writing, have not only been applicable to other classes taken at Simpson, but have helped me prepare for my future career."

~ Leah Grothe, '10