Table of Contents

Section I – Introduction


A.   Disclaimer
B.   This is Simpson
C.   Mission Statement
D.   Simpson College Inclusivity Statement
E.   Organizational chart

Section II – Institutional Policies and Procedures

A. General Employment Policies

    1. Employment at Will
    2. Background Check
    3. Equal Employment Opportunity
    4. Staff Grievance Policy
    5. Employee Complaint Procedures for Accounting and Auditing Matters 
    6. Child Abuse Reporting
    7. Harassment
    8. Dual Relationship Statement and Guidelines
    9. Dual Employment
    10. Alcohol
    11. Drug-Free Workplace
    12. Smoke Free Campus
    13. Simpson College Statement on AIDS
    14. Blood Borne Pathogen Standards
    15. Military Leave
    16. Veteran’s Day Policy
    17. Animal Policy

B. Procedures

    1. General Office Conduct
    2. Institutional Hours
    3. Dress Code
    4. Communicable Disease Policy
    5. Personal Use of College Computers
    6. Public Relation Guidelines
    7. Guidelines for Budgeting and Cost Controls
    8. Procurement Card Program Policies and Procedures
    9. Other Budget and Travel Policies
    10. Policy Statement on Lists and Labels
    11. Policy Statement on the Solicitation of Funds
    12. Hiring and Employment Procedures
    13. Non-Faculty Teaching Policy
    14. Responsibility for the Administration of Policy and Procedures
    15. Leaving Employment at Simpson


Section III – Institutional Operations

A.  Maintenance Request Guidelines
B.  Mailroom Distribution and Policies
C.  Copy Center Guidelines
D.  E-Mail Accounts
E.  Telephone Authorization Codes
F.  Guidelines for the Disposal of College Property
G.  Guidelines for Simpson College Logo
H.  Parking Permits
I.   Entry Key Guidelines
J.  Posting of Information on Campus Bulletin Boards
K.  Intellectual Property Policy
L.  Honorary Degree Policy

Section IV – Benefits

A. Compensation

    1. Pay Periods
    2. Earnings Deposit
    3. Payroll Deductions
    4. Social Security – Medicare
    5. Work Week
    6. Institutional Holidays
    7. Overtime and Compensatory Time for Non-Exempt Employees
    8. Travel Training Policy
    9. Bereavement Time
    10. Death of an Employee

B. Benefits and Privileges

    1. Benefits General Statement
    2. Medical Insurance
    3. Pharmacy Deductible Reimbursement Policy
    4. Dental and Vision Insurance
    5. Tax Saver 125 Plan
    6. Retirement Annuity Programs
    7. Disability Leave
    8. Total Disability Income Insurance
    9. Group Life Insurance
    10. Educational Benefits
    11. Continuing Education Credit Tuition Remission
    12. Identification Cards
    13. Simpson Athletic Center Privileges
    14. Library
    15. Wellness Program
    16. Volunteer Time Off (VTO)
    17. Guidelines for Personal Computer Purchases
    18. Professional Growth and Development
    19. Vacations
    20. Sick Leave
    21. Accumulated Sick Leave Pay-Out for Non-Exempt Employees
    22. Personal Day
    23. Maternal Disability Leave Policy
    24. New Child Leave Policy
    25. Leave of Absence
    26. Rest Periods
    27. Dining Hall Privileges
    28. Special Risk and Accident Coverage
    29. Workers’ Compensation Coverage
    30. Jury Duty

C. Federal and Employment Law

    1. Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
    2. COBRA
    3. HIPAA

Section V – Misc.

A.  College Housing
B.  Address and Name Change
C.  Lost and Found
D.  Student and Special Assemblies
E.  Guest Housing Guidelines
F.  Bookstore
G.  Institutional Memberships
H.  Travel Immunization Policy
I.   Moving Expenses
J.   Revision of Policy Procedures
K.   Confidentiality

Section VI – Appendices

Appendix A – Simpson College Computer Ethics and Policy Statement

Appendix B – Emergency Preparedness

Appendix C – Job Classification Criteria

Appendix D – Reimbursement Rates per Round Trip