Drop In the Bucket Award

The Employee Advisory Council is committed to fostering a culture of appreciation on the Simpson College campus. The Drop in the Bucket Award is one way to recognize exemplary service by a staff member or administrator.

Did someone go beyond the call of duty to assist you or your department? Is there a staff member or administrator who is consistently helpful? Is there a person who deserves more than a simple pat on the back?

You can nominate them by following the link below. There is space available to tell why this person deserves recognition.

At each Employee Council meeting, nominations for the month will be entered into a drawing to receive a treat for the winning employee’s department.

You can nominate the same person as often as you wish, but a person is only eligible to win once a year.

Simpson College is a great place because so many people are willing to go beyond their job descriptions. Help us recognize those efforts!

Nominate here!