Employee Advisory Committee (EAC)

The Employee Advisory Committee (EAC) is comprised of eight representatives, four non-exempt and four exempt employees.  Each member holds their appointment for a two year period. Terms begin in the January after elections are held. Members will be limited to serving one two-year term and then they must take a year off before being eligible for re-election. EAC can always call upon a past committee member or other willing employee for consultation or completion of a large project.

EAC Committee Members:

  • Bobbi Sullivan ('19) - Chair
  • Robin Buthmann ('19)
  • Laura Davison ('19)
  • Manda Gibson ('19)
  • Cheryl Eaton ('20)
  • Stephanie Neve ('20)
  • Amy Gieseke ('20)
  • Jenifer Welch ('20)

Ad Hoc:

  • Mara Bailey
  • Mimi Bartley-Nancarrow

Annual elections are held in November to replace the four retiring committee members.  The elections process begins with the nomination process, which is opened to all non-exempt and exempt employees.  People may self nominate or nominate others whom they feel would make a strong contribution to the committee.  All individuals who are nominated by others are called to ensure they wish to have their name placed on the ballot.

The committee’s charge is to:

a.  make recommendations to the president and cabinet on matters of the financial welfare of non-faculty employees.

b.  serve as a liaison committee between non-faculty employees and the administration on the discussion of matters of common interest.

c.  plan employee-oriented events for the entire campus.  The goals of these events are to foster a culture of positive morale in the workplace, build a stronger community among departments, and provide general employee training and education.


EAC Meeting Minutes can be found on your SC Connect Portal under “Links".

Suggestions and/or Comments

EAC wants to represent the voice of non faculty employees to the best of our abilities, and one of the best ways to do this is to hear directly from you.  Please click here to reach out to us with questions, comments, concerns, and general suggestions.  (All submissions are anonymous.)

Upcoming Events:

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