Accounts & Access

Simpson College offers various services and resources for users on the campus network. This page provides information on what is available, how to use it and solutions to possible problems you may have.

E-mail Accounts

Accounts are automatically created for new students. If you are a new faculty or staff member please fill out an e-mail request form, which can also be obtained in Information Services. Use the e-mail link on the left to learn more about how to access and use your Simpson College e-mail account.

SC Connect Accounts

SC Connect is a secure Web interface that allows you to access information on Simpson’s administrative database. It provides students direct Web access to portions of their academic and financial records. SC Connect’s faculty component provides course rosters, grading and advisee information. SC Connect accounts are automatically created for new students. Faculty and staff can obtain a SC Connect account by contacting Information Technology Services. Use the SC Connect link on the left to learn more about SC Connect’s functionality and how it can help you.

For help with any of your computer accounts, please contact Information Services by calling (515)961-1411 or by e-mailing