Wireless FAQ

How do I know if my computer has wireless capabilities?

Windows machines: Go to the start menu of your computer and click on Control Panel.  Click on Network Connections.  If there is a listing for a wireless network connection, your laptop has wireless capabilities. (If there isn’t a listing for a network connection, click on Classic View in the upper left corner of the window and then click on Network Connections.)

Macintosh machines:

Macintosh computers will need to have the following:
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • An AirPort Extreme Card
  • AirPort software version 3.2 or later

Machines that do not have the features listed above will not be able to support the level of security that we need to keep your information safe.

If my laptop doesn’t have wireless, can I add it?

Wireless ability may be added to many computers by purchasing a wireless adapter card or a USB device.  The cost and model will vary with each laptop.  Simpson’s wireless network operates on an 802.11g standard.   Be sure that the device you purchase is compatible with the “g” wireless standard, and will work in your specific computer. If you need help, please call us at campus extension 1411, or e-mail us at helpdesk@simpson.edu and we will guide you in making your purchase.

My wireless connection seems slower, why?

Wireless connections are slower than a regular network connection.  The wired campus network runs at 100 megabits per second to each connection.  Wireless will only run at 11 megabits per second or 54 megabits per second depending on which wireless standard you have. If you are downloading large files, you will have a much faster response if you are plugged in to the regular campus network.

If I print something on the wireless network, where will it print?

If you print a document, it will print to your designated campus printer. This may not be in the same area as you are sending it from.  The document will be waiting for you on that printer when you return.  This should be taken into consideration when you are printing anything that is confidential.

Is the wireless network secure?

We have taken great measures to ensure that the information that travels across the campus wireless network is secure.  We will install a security certificate on each machine that we configure for use on our wireless network.  All the information that travels over the wireless network is encrypted, which means that even if information is gathered off the network, it can’t be read.  It may take a little more time to get your machine set up to run on the wireless network, but it is worth the effort to make sure your information stays safe.

Is there guest access?

We do not allow guest access at this time.

Simpson College’s wireless network is part of the entire campus computer network, therefore subject to the same policies.  For more details on Simpson’s computing polices use the policy link on the right.