E-mail at Simpson

Simpson has partnered with Microsoft to provide LIVE@EDU e-mail services to all current students. LIVE@EDU features the following:


  • 10 GB of storage space
  • Virus and spam protection
  • Instant messaging with audio, and video chats, file sharing and application sharing
  • Mailbox aggregator to combine all e-mail addresses to their Simpson e-mail
  • Access to e-mail, contacts, calendar and documents from anywhere, including a broad range of active sync mobile devices.


  • 25 GB of storage space (in addition to the 10 GB of email)
  • Store and access documents, photos and more from anywhere
  • Control who sees what with password protection
  • Collaborate with classmates on projects, with shared folders

Office Web Apps

  • On-line companions to Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote
  • Perform basic editing to your on-line documents even from a computer that doesn’t have Microsoft Office installed.
  • Simultaneously edit documents in Excel and OneNote with others for projects

E-mail for student can be accessed by using the webmail link under the current student tab on the Simpson web page or by a single sign on connection through the e-mail icon on their SC Connect page.

Employees of the college are provided with an official Simpson email account. E-mail for employees can be accessed by using webmail link under the faculty staff tab on the Simpson web page. Detailed spam filtering instructions or  frequently asked questions about e-mail can be found by following the appropriate links.

For help with your e-mail, please contact Information Services at (515)961-1411 or e-mail helpdesk@simpson.edu.