Simpson College Password Manager Instructions

To get to this screen you must click on SC Connect from the Simpson College homepage and then click on “I want to change my password” right above where you type your username and password to log into SC Connect. If this is your first time to enroll click on enroll. If you have already enrolled and just want to select new questions or give new secret answers click on re-enroll.

Next you need to type your SC Connect Username and password. DO NOT change the Domain field.

Next you need to select four questions and provide your secret answers in the boxes below each question. If you are doing this with people around you will want to click on the Hide Answers check box. Hide answers means someone else is not able to see what you type in as your secret answer to each question.

After you have selected your questions and entered your answers you can click next and you will get a confirmation screen. You are now able to unlock your account or reset your password without contacting Information Technology Services or other Simpson College offices.