Simpson College provides printing resources in computer labs, on wireless laptop carts, and in some housing units.  They are primarily black and white laser printers.  Simpson College manages these printers with a software package called PaperCut.  We have provided an FAQ below to help answer many of the questions students have about our print management limits and other general questions.

Is there an initial charge to print?

No, each semester students’ PaperCut print quota will be set to $12.00.

What is the cost per page?

  • $.03 for a single black and white page
  • $.02 for the back side of a duplex black and white page ($.05 total for one duplex page)
  • $.12 for a single color page
  • $.08 for the back side of a duplex color page ($.20 total for one duplex page)

What happens when I reach my $12.00 print quota?

You are allowed to continue printing past your $12.00 print quota.  At the end of each semester your student account will be charged for the amount you exceed the $12.00 limit.

What if I print and the printer jams or is low on toner?

Please e-mail information services with the date, time, and printer it happened on and once we verify it Information Services will credit back your account for those pages.

What if I use my own paper?

You will still be charged the normal amounts.  If you find yourself doing this a lot please come to Information Services and we will discuss your situation.