Changing Your StormFront Password

Instructions for changing your Stormfront password can be found on our password page.

Accessing your Grades in StormFront

Don’t forget to click on the Log Out button when you are done viewing your grades. This will help to prevent others from accessing your student information through the Web.

1)  Start a Web Brower (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari).

2)  Access the Simpson College homepage and click on the Stormfront link under either the Current Students or Faculty & Staff tabs in the top right hand corner.

3)  Enter your Stormfront username and password.  (If you are prompted to let your browser save your password, choose No.  This will help prevent others from accessing your student information.)

4)  Click on the “Submit” button.

5)  Click on the My Stormfront link under the heading, My Links.

6)  Click on Academic Profile.

7)  Click on the link labeled Grades

8)  Click on the box to the left of the term for which you want to view your grades. (You can only view your grades for one term at a time.)

9)  Click on the submit button.