Welcome to Wireless Access at Simpson College

Wireless access gives Simpson students, faculty and staff the freedom to use their laptop computers on the network, without being restricted by location. This technology expands the current educational uses of our wired network.  It allows students and faculty to collaborate beyond traditional classroom settings and pursue new academic directions.Faculty and staff can have their laptops configured by information service by calling (515)961-1411.  Students who own their own laptop can follow the instructions below.

Before connecting to the campus network:

  • Make sure your computer has the latest operating system updates.
  • Your computer MUST have an anti-virus program. If you do not have an anti-virus program, we will provide Kaspersky anti-virus for you at not additional cost for as long as you are a student at Simpson. You can install it during the network connection process.

To complete connecting to the campus network:

  • Connect to the student wireless network using the same username and password that you use to access your student email. Instructions for the specific devices, computers and phones can be found below:

How to connect to Simpson wireless with your MAC

How to connect to Simpson wireless with Windows 7

How to connect to Simpson wireless with Windows 8.1

How to connect to Simpson wireless with Windows 10

How to connect to Simpson wireless with your iPhone

How to connect to Simpson wireless with your Android device

  • Once you are on the student wireless network and open a web browser on your computer, you will be directed to a SafeConnect web page. You will need to download the SafeConnect program to fully connect to our campus residential network and technology resources. Instructions to install SafeConnect and Kaspersky anti-virus for each device are included in the documents above.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to have a faster and more reliable physical connection to the network. This will provide a better connection when you need to take a test or complete other high stakes activity
  • If you need assistance, Information Technology Services’ help is available by phone at 515-961-1411, by email at helpdesk@simpson.edu or in person in the lower level of the McNeill Hall.


More technology resources:

How to install Office 365 for students

How to download the Simpson app

How to Web Print


Simpson College’s wireless network is part of the entire campus computer network, therefore subject to the same policies.  For more details on Simpson’s computing polices use the policy link on the right.