Billing Procedure

You will be billed once a month for your billable phone calls, such as long-distance and directory-assistance calls. Bills are processed at the end of each month and delivered to you by e-mail. The bills you receive by e-mail include call details, but call details will not appear on your college account, which will show only your total phone bill for the month. Payment is due to the Business Office on the 16th of every month. If the 16th of the month is on a weekend, your phone bill is due on the following Monday. Failure to pay your telephone bill will cause your authorization code to be cancelled.

When you receive your phone bill, carefully check that no unauthorized phone calls have been made with your authorization code. If you suspect that someone else is using your code, please contact Information Services at (515) 961-1619 immediately. To have calls in question researched, send a photocopy of your telephone bill to Information Services with the calls highlighted and an explanation of your request.

Information Services uses a computerized call-accounting system to automatically bill for all calls processed by Simpson College’s telephone system. Certain types of calls cannot be automatically billed and therefore must be manually billed by Information Services. This is a very time-consuming process, and these calls are against Simpson College policy, so a billing surcharge of $10.00 per call will be taken for each manually billed call, placed or received, in addition to the cost of the call.

These type of calls could include but are not limited to:

  • incoming collect calls charged to a Simpson telephone number
  • third party calls billed to Simpson
  • special services (usually 900 and 976 calls)
  • calling-card calls billed to your Simpson number

If you are ever unsure a call you wish to make or receive is manually billable, contact Information Services in advance.