Connect Your Phone

Simpson College students will need to provide their own phones. Most touch-tone phones, with a cord or cordless, will work with our system. Please bring your phone’s instructions with you in case any settings need to be changed.

Simpson College has two modular telephone jacks in each room. In the residence halls, one of the jacks will be marked “A” by a blue telephone icon. In apartments the “A” jack will be an old-style wall-mount jack in the kitchen or dinning room area. The “A” jack is your primary phone line, so if only one telephone is being used it must be plugged into this jack in order to receive any incoming telephone calls.

The other jack is the “B” jack. It is marked by a tan telephone icon in all residence halls and apartments. In the apartments this jack is located in the living room. The “B” jack is your secondary line. If you only have a phone in this jack, you will not be able to receive incoming calls.

If you have phones plugged into both jacks and your “A” line is busy, your incoming call will roll to your “B” line before going to voicemail. This means if someone is on either line, you will still be able to receive and place calls on the other line.

Voicemail Questions?