Carve out a creative educational path that is a road to success by working with Simpson’s Department of Interdisciplinary Studies. Our faculty members work closely with you to design and submit for approval a major that meets your needs and our graduation requirements. This is an option for students who wish to study a multidisciplinary field of concentration not offered by one of the current majors or multidisciplinary concentrations of the college. You can design a major around a topic, theme, issue or set of questions that isn’t available within a single existing major.

Students who are thinking about proposing an independent interdisciplinary major must have a strong academic record (3.0 or higher GPA) and provide two letters of recommendation from faculty or staff to demonstrate a commitment to the program, the ability to work independently and also work in concert with faculty advisors.

Examples of independent interdisciplinary majors include: 

  • Rural Studies
  • Environmental Journalism
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Early Childhood Venture Development
  • Art History
  • Women and Social Change