Independent Interdisciplinary Major (IIM)

Association for Interdisciplinary Studies

Simpson College is a member of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies

Students are recommended to look for interdisciplinary programs at other institutions to use as models or interdisciplinary study recommended by a graduate of  a professional program. Students can submit a proposal for an IIM after the completion of the first year and before the second semester of the junior year.

The major will include a minimum of 11 courses and a maximum of 14 courses including a senior project.

The course list should include options that allow for changes in course availability. The course list must include:

  • No more than four 100-level courses
  • At least four 300-level courses
  • No more than two independent studies, not including the senior project
  • The courses must span at least two academic departments.

No more than 4 courses may be counted as part of the IIM and any other major or minor. Other requirements common to all majors (minimum  GPA, etc.) also apply to the IIM.

A senior project is required as a capstone experience for the IIM. The student, in consultation with student-chosen advisory board, will design the senior project, which must be appropriate for the field of study. Possibilities include advanced readings in the field, undergraduate research, a performance or an internship.

To propose an IIM, students must have a strong academic record demonstrated by a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students must also request two letters of recommendation from faculty or staff to demonstrate the seriousness of purpose, and an ability to work independently and in a dialogue with faculty advisors.

IIM Application    IIM Application – Word        IIM Application – pdf

IIM Application Checklist