Interested in earning your Master’s degree more quickly?

Have you heard about the Deparment’s advanced standing program?  A great option for good students who are seriously considering earning a Master’s degree after completion of their Bachelor’s degree.  But want to begin now? Read more about how this program, if you are accepted, may allow you to earn dual credit for some courses (i.e., graduate credit while an undergraduate)!

Advanced Standing Program (ASP)  

The Advanced Standing Program is designed to help exceptional undergraduate students who have a 3.5 or higher GPA complete the baccalaureate and master of art degrees in criminal justice in 5 1/2 years of full-time study. The primary requirements for admission to the program are follows:

  • Undergraduates eligible for ASP must have earned a 3.5 Simpson College GPA by the end of their junior year (must have completed 95 credits).
  • To be eligible for the ASP a student must complete the last two years of their baccalaureate work at Simpson.
  • Transfer students are eligible for ASP and will need to have accumulated a Simpson GPA of 3.5 in their junior year to be eligible to apply. Transfer credits are not counted in the Simpson GPA.
  • Students applying for the ASP should have had a criminal justice or related internship or plan to take it as an elective in their senior year.
  • Students applying for advanced standing must submit an application to the MACJ degree program by August 1, prior to the beginning of their senior year. All MACJ application requirements must be met (completed application, three letters of reference, and admissions essay).
  • The MACJ Admissions Committee will review the application materials and applicants will be informed prior to the beginning of fall classes of their admissions status.

Students accepted into the ASP program may enroll in elective options in the MACJ in their senior year. Students with a year or more of criminal justice work experience may take 3 electives. Students with no criminal justice work experience may enroll in two elective options. Advanced Standing Program students are billed as undergraduates until they have completed their baccalaureate degrees.