Internship Credit Course

Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations internships expand a student’s educational experience. They provide valuable insight into current workplace environments, application of classroom practices and skills, and professional exposure that could lead to future employment or career opportunities. Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations at bachelor’s degrees at Simpson College require a minimum of 120 hours of off-campus internship work and 20 hours of academic work, or the equivalent of 4 credit hours, to graduate. The Sports Communication and Interactive Media programs carry the same requirements.


The internship course for a Multimedia Communication major is identified as COMM-319. Most students earn a maximum of 4 internship credits during their studies. COMM-319 may be taken for variable credit. In the end, a graduate must complete 30 hours of off-campus internship work and 5 hours of academic work for every credit hour earned.


To register for COMM-319, a student MUST take and complete one semester of COMM-155 or 156 BEFORE starting their internship for departmental credit. The work in our practicum series helps prepare students for a more meaningful and successful internship experience.




When registering for COMM-319, the student will arrange how and when workplace hours will be met after reaching an agreement with the on-site supervisor. Students will also be required to participate in an online course that is administered by a member of the Multimedia Communication faculty. This academic component of the internship ensures that the student and the internship provider have a positive and mutually beneficial experience. Failure to complete the requirements of the online course will result in a No Pass (NP) grade.


The deadlines for internship application and registration are as follows:


The Registration Form and Experiential Activity Agreement between the internship provider and the student must be submitted with all signatures within 2 weeks (10-business days) of the start the semester, UNLESS the student has had frequent face-to-face contact with the supervising faculty member in advance of the deadline. Email communication will not suffice. No internship will be approved for departmental credit after this date.


The Internship Learning Plan contract must be signed by all parties and submitted to the faculty supervisor and the college within 3 weeks of the start of the semester. No internship will be approved to continue after this deadline if the paperwork is late.


The student will meet with the faculty member at least once during the semester for a face-to-face conference about the internship. If this meeting does not take place, the student will receive a NP for the course.


All registration paperwork for COMM-319 is available at the Registrar or by going to the link listed below and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Several of the documents are direct downloads and can be printed and filled out.


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