Guaranteed Internship Program

To better prepare you to compete for and complete internships, Simpson College is offers the Guaranteed Internship Program. The program itself consists of four semesters of preparatory activities, which are detailed below. Following the four semesters of preparatory activities (or sooner if desired – you don’t have to wait), you will seek out and apply for internship opportunities of your choosing with the ultimate goal of securing and completing at least one internship before graduation.

To participate in the Guaranteed Internship Program, you must

  • Be in good academic and social standing as defined by the College Catalog and the Simpson College Student Handbook
  • Register as a participant before the end of your third collegiate semester (e.g. end of fall semester of your sophomore year)
  • Fulfill all required activities: (1) complete CO-OP 119 at some point in your first or second year at Simpson, (2) complete all required semester activities, (3) attend one reflection session each semester, and (4) record and submit your program activities each semester using the Semester Reflection Form

To register as a Guaranteed Internship Program participant, click here to download the registration packet which includes an overview of program requirements and the registration form.

Questions about the Guaranteed Internship Program? Contact one of our staff members.