Intramurals & Recreation


SIMPSON Intramural Spring 2018 Schedule

Most Intramurals start at 8:00pm in the winter months and 5:00pm in the fall and spring months. All Intramurals are subject to cancel or change depending on participation and gym availability. Please register before the registration deadline at or download our mobile app IMLeagues. 



11                    5-on-5 Basketball Starts                            April

21                    Washers Tournament (Inside)                 1-2       Easter Break

3-4       Campus Day Kickball?

February                                                                         8          Tennis Tournament 1-4pm

1-6                   Basketball Tournament                             8          Lacrosse 8-10pm (Buxton)

7                      Basketball Finals                                          TBD     DMACC vs. SC Indoor VB/BB

6, 13, 20, 27    “Tuesday Night” Cards & Games            9-12     Flag Football Finals (Buxton)

8                      Singles Ping-Pong 8-10pm Black Box     13        Golf Tournament (Deer Run)

23                     All Star Basketball Game                          15-16   Coed & Men’s SB (Pickard)

15                    Doubles Ping-Pong 8-10pm Black Box   21        Mud VB

11-15               Dodgeball Tournament                              23        IM Garbage Pong

18-22               Floor Hockey

25                    Wally Ball 1-4pm

25- March 1    Indoor Soccer



3-11                 Spring Break                                                   May

12-15               Racquetball Tournament                                1-11     Sand Volleyball

18                    Kinball Tournament                                        7          West Grand Golf 4-9pm

19-25               Badminton Singles

26                    Sabakiball Tournament

27                    IM “pop up game”

28                    Doubles Pool Tournament

TBD                 Family Feud 8-10pm

29                    Easter Egg Hunt 9-10pm