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Zimmer Award 10-25-13


The Iowa History Center at Simpson College seeks nominations annually for recognition of the outstanding master's thesis in a field of Iowa history. This award is based on the recipient's contribution to the knowledge of Iowa history, the originality of the subject matter or methodology, and the use of sources and written expression. For the 2014 award, nominees must have completed their master's degree between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.

The winner, to be announced in the fall of 2014, will receive a $1,000 cash prize and an award plaque.

For more information, please contact Linda Sinclair, (515) 961-1528,

Iowa History Center Award for Outstanding Master’s Thesis in Iowa History - 2013

Eric Zimmer
The Iowa History Center is pleased to honor 2013 Master’s Award winner Eric Zimmer for his thesis "Settlement Sovereignty: Land and Meskwaki Self-Governance 1856-1937". Eric is a PhD candidate in the University of Iowa History Department. His focus is on 20th century America, especially relating to Native Americans, politics, and federal/state Indian policy. He is also deeply interested in public history and connecting academic historians' work with a broader audience.
You can read Eric's thesis here

Past Recipients:

Garret Wilson with Bill friedricks
Garret Wilson received the 2012 IHC prize for his thesis, “The Collapse of the Iowa Democratic Party: Iowa and the Lecompton Constitution.” Wilson reexamines the collapse of the Iowa Democratic Party, and challenges the view that its general demise was connected to the effects of Kansas-Nebraska Act. Instead, Wilson focuses specifically on the Lecompton Constitution, which he argues led to divisions within the party. This allowed Republicans to take political control of the state by the end of the 1850s.
Read Garret's thesis. Watch Garret discuss his research.

2012: Garret Wilson, Iowa State University
Sara Egge

2011: Sara Egge, Iowa State University


Pam Stek

2010: Pam Stek, University of Iowa

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