Junk Science (Busby)

Simpson Colloquium SC 101 – Junk Science (Busby)

Does this look infected? Will this machine give me 6-pack abs? Why does my ankle hurt? Do you even lift, bro? In this course, we will explore individual health, injuries, and exercise science. We will learn when to see a doctor vs. when to treat an issue on your own. We will learn about fitness trends, how to deal with injuries, and how anatomy relates to training programs like CrossFit. The goal of the class is to help you determine the accuracy of claims by products and exercise programs. Using scientific literature, Internet and news sources, personal experiences, and interviews with experts, we will learn to evaluate claims about exercise, injuries, and wellness to see if they are data-supported or full of junk.

Meet Your Professor

Cal Busby, M.A., LAT, ATC

Cal_BusbyAssistant Professor of Sport Science & Health Education

If someone had told me in August of 2005 during my own Simpson New Student Orientation that 9 years later, I would still be on campus, only not as a student but as a professor, I would have laughed hysterically. Me? A professor…..not in a million years. Well, guess what? It happened.

I came to Simpson from a small town (think one-blinking traffic light small) about 20 miles from campus with the intention to pursue a path of becoming a high school teacher. Both of my parents were teachers, so I figured, “Why not?” It was during my freshman year that I made the decision to add an athletic training major to my plan of study. It was through this choice that I was able to combine my various passions of teaching, athletics, and sports medicine.

Following an outstanding experience as a student that involved plenty of time in the library and no late nights, I graduated in 2009 with a double major in History and Athletic Training. Because those topics have so much overlap, I immediately went to work on my Master of Arts in Teaching, again choosing Simpson. I guess you can say that I’m not a huge fan of change. It was during this time that I was given the opportunity to become an Assistant Athletic Trainer and Assistant Professor in the Sports Science and Health Education Department (SpSc), a position that I hold today. My job allows me the freedom to work with a wide variety of students with no day ever being the same and I enjoy working in such an ever-challenging environment.

In my free time I enjoy hunting & fishing, cycling/mountain biking, grilling, collecting Oakley sunglasses, working on home improvement projects, traveling, and writing long-winded biographies.

Meet Your SC Leader

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.14.36 AMShannon Rohlk


My name is Shannon Rohlk and I am a senior athletic training student at Simpson College. I was raised in a small town in Northwest Iowa called Holstein which is next to the middle of nowhere. I am the SCL for Assistant Pr. Busby (or also known as Cal) along with Writing Fellow, Jessica Schultes.

This was a while ago so pardon me if I over-exaggerate my amazing my life as a high school student so many years ago. I attended Galva-Holstein high school and played volleyball, basketball, softball, and track. I participated in band, theater, and yearbook.

In college, I fill my time with organizations such as Pi Beta Phi (sorority), Best Buddies, Omicron Delta Kappa (leadership fraternity), Beta Beta Beta (biology fraternity), athletic training club, Wesley Service Scholarship (I encourage you to apply!), intramurals, and also work at the Kent Center information desk!  In my spare time, I love hanging out with my friends, reading fairytales, and listening to hunter hayes.

I am so excited to learn about all of your hopes and dreams that you wish to accomplish whilst at Simpson! I know I have accomplished more that I’d thought coming in freshmen year. Best of luck and see you soon!

Meet Your Writing Fellow

Jessica Schultes

Hey gang! My name is Jessica Schultes. I am from the large metropolitan of Dedham, Iowa (just kidding, population 200) – where I grew up on a farm with 3 other siblings. I will be a senior for the 2014-2015 school year and will be Professor Cal Busby’s Writing Fellow. I am an Honor’s Sociology and Mathematics double major with a minor in Psychology. I hope to pursue a career in research, so graduate school is in my future!

I am ‘kind-of’ involved on campus – I hold a leadership position in my sorority, I am the vice president of the student body, I am secretary of the honors society – Omicron Delta Kappa, I actively do service as part of the Wesley Service Scholarship & I love to play intramurals . I have been in numerous other groups and have worked at a couple different places on campus, such as Information Services, Admissions, and for the sociology department. I tutor students in statistics and even hold down a part time job at a local restaurant.

If you ask some of the staff on campus they would tell you I am pretty good at shenanigans, it’s true. My favorite part of the Simpson Experience has been the friends I have made – both classmates and faculty. I look forward to meeting all of you – don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by Simpson email. See you all so soon!


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