Junk Science (Whalen)

Simpson Coloquium SC 101 – Junk Science (Whalen)

Is organic food more nutritious? Do cleanse diets work? Does “hot yoga” increase flexibility? Do multi-vitamins make you healthier? In this class, we will investigate these questions and more as we explore individual health and wellness. We will learn about fitness trends, how to make the best nutritional choices, and how anatomy relates to training programs like CrossFit. The goal of the class is to help you determine the accuracy of claims by products and exercise programs. Using scientific literature, Internet and news sources, personal experiences, and interviews with experts, we will learn to evaluate claims about exercise, nutrition, and wellness to see if they are data-supported or full of junk.

Meet Your ProfessorNicolle-Whalen2-296x167

Nicci Whalen, M.S.

Associate Professor of Sport Science

and Health Education

I started my college career at Simpson in 1993, coming from Holdrege, Nebraska. I remember stepping foot on campus and loving it right away and I haven’t been away much since. I played basketball and studied athletic training and psychology and really enjoyed the personal interaction and attention from all of my professors and coaches, which is why I was so excited to accept a position working here. Simpson is also where I met my husband Jeremy, who played football and was a wrestler; needless to say we are a competitive family. In 2001, after graduate school at Iowa State University and a job at Mercy Medical Center, I began at Simpson as an assistant basketball coach, assistant athletic trainer and professor. With that load, it was good that I did not have children at the time! I now teach full time in Exercise Science and Athletic Training and am a mom to 2 feisty boys and an even feistier little girl, ages 9, 6 and 4 (so if you like babysitting, I’m your connection!). Simpson has been a significant part of my life and I’m excited to share my passion and enthusiasm with you as you begin your college career.

Meet Your SC LeaderScreen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.07.32 AM

Brooke Panzer

Hi everyone!

My name is Brooke Panzer and I will be a junior this fall at Simpson. I will be the Simpson Colloquium Leader for Nicci Whalen’s SC class. I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. I went to a very big high school and was involved in volleyball, basketball, and NHS. I have two brothers and a pet cat. I plan to graduate in May of 2016 with a double major in exercise science and athletic training. I plan to go to physical therapy graduate school after college. I am a women’s basketball player here at Simpson College! I am also involved in Greek life, Student Athletic Advisory Committee, Athletic Training Club, and have a work-study on campus. I love going to movies, listening to music, playing basketball and hanging out with my friends. I am a very outgoing person and I love meeting new people. I am on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Don’t hesitate to add me, follow me, or shoot me an email I look forward to meeting you in June!

Meet Your Writing Fellowestefania ayana

Estefanía Anaya

Hello everybody!

My name is Estefanía Anaya and I will be the writing fellow for Professor Nicci Whalen. I will be a senior for the fall of 2014, majoring in History with a minor in French. I am an international student from Mexico and I studied abroad in London, England during the fall of 2013. In campus, I am involved in the Multicultural Student Association and in the Sequel, which is the literary magazine. I also work as the Spanish Tutor in the Writing Center. I love to travel, I am always looking for new destinations to visit during my vacations and one of my favorite pastimes is learning new languages.

I was born in central Mexico, but when I was 12 years old I moved to the northern border with the U.S.A. When I was 15 years old, I entered high school in a private school in Texas. Later on, I decided to come to Simpson College, where I have had some of the best experiences in my life. I am very passionate about my subject of study and I also like to write a lot.

I am very eager to meet everybody next semester. Feel free to add me in Facebook (Estefaníe Anaya) and shoot me a message if you have any questions or doubts! I hope your transition from high school to college is smooth and pleasant, and remember that I am here to help you!


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