Leadership and You

Simpson Colloquium SC 101 – Leadership and You

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other (John F. Kennedy). What is leadership? What leadership opportunities are available for me? How can I develop my leadership skills? In this course we will investigate these questions, and critically examine theoretical and popular approaches to leadership. We will also explore issues of power, gender, culture, and ethics in leadership. Course materials will have great range from theoretical perspectives to what we can learn from Santa Claus about leadership. Readings, experiential exercises and self-reflection will aid students in understanding and articulating their personal values, practical definition, and philosophy of leadership. Students will apply their refined leadership skills in leading themselves, others, and their communities.

Meet Your ProfessorBarb-Ramos

Barbara Ramos, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education

Barb Ramos, associate professor of education, is beginning her tenth year at Simpson College. Barb earned her BA in elementary education from Central College (She says, “I was young and foolish, but am at the right school now!”), her MA in elementary school counseling from Eastern Kentucky University, her EdS in educational leadership from Drake, and her PhD in educational leadership and policy studies from Iowa State University. Barb has experience as an elementary teacher and counselor. At Simpson she has taught Human Growth and Development, Foundations of Education, Children within Families, Schools and Communities, and Classroom Management. She currently serves as the education department chair. She believes that learning can be fun and that a warm and caring classroom atmosphere provides the foundation for education.

Barb lives in Indianola with her husband, Rich. Their daughter is a junior in college. She fills her free time with family, music, movies, mysteries, and attending Simpson events.

Meet Your SC LeadeScreen Shot 2014-03-05 at 9.37.48 AMr

Erin Brown


My name is Erin Brown and I will be a junior at Simpson this fall. I am a mathematics major with minors in both secondary education and coaching. I am from Battle Creek, Iowa, which is in the northwest corner of the state and I attended OA-BCIG High School. I have had the opportunity to be involved with Math Club, Best Buddies, Student Alumni Association, the Math Modeling Competition, tutoring at the Lincoln High School in Des Moines, being a Wesley Service Scholar, and an on campus job here at Simpson.

This is my second year being an SC Leader, and I enjoyed it a lot last year and am eager for the experience of having the opportunity again. I am pretty easy to get along with and always willing to help others.  I will be here to help you not only with classes, but adjusting to college as well. College can be a big adjustment for many, and I am here to help you in any way that I can. I enjoy meeting new people and look forward to meeting all of you next year and having the opportunity to show you all the great opportunities Simpson has to offer!

Meet Your Writing Fellowsnook

Maureen Snook

Hello! My name is Maureen Snook and I will be your Writing Fellow for the SC 101 class “Leadership and You” taught by Barb Ramos. I will be a junior for the 2014-2015 school year and I cannot wait to meet all of you!

I am from Council Bluffs, Iowa and graduated from St. Albert Catholic High School. At home it’s just my parents, my 2 cats, and me. Since coming to Simpson, I have become involved in dance team (both Simpson’s and Indianola High School’s team), Religious Life Community, Alpha Lambda Delta, and the Modern Dickens Project. I also volunteer with Everybody Wins Iowa at one of the local elementary schools.

I am an English major with a Secondary Education minor. Eventually I want to be either a high school English teacher or a publisher. During the summer I work in the Records Management department of a law firm in Omaha, NE. When I have free time, I like to read “Me Books,” watch Bravo, and watch movies with my friends. I also love to travel and have been to France, Italy, Greece, Ireland and Great Britain (some of these trips were through Simpson)!!

I like to think that I am an upbeat and outgoing person. I am super excited to be working with you next year and I cannot wait to help you make the exhilarating transition to Simpson College life. If you have any questions about my role as a Writing Fellow, the SC class, or Simpson in general, please feel free to add me on Facebook and ask! I am here to make your transition to college as smooth and simple as possible. See you in the Fall!


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