Athletic Venues

Football began at Simpson in 1888. A new football field was built south of Buxton Park in 1912; the field moved to its current location in 1949.

The Simpson Athletic Association was organized in 1893, the year baseball came to campus. The baseball field moved from many locations, including the sites of Wallace Hall and Ladies Hall. There was no baseball at Simpson from 1924-1933.

Lawn tennis was played on four grass courts in 1894.

The Mechanical Engineering Building, located where Dunn Library is now, became the Men’s Gym in 1895 and basketball became a college sport.

The Girls Gymnasium, northeast of Ladies Hall, was built in 1896 and demolished in 1962.

The first proper track was completed in 1898. It moved to the football field in 1912.

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Bill Buxton Stadium Hopper Gym
Buxton Tennis Courts McBride Field
Cowles Center Softball Field