Avery Odelle Craven: His Life and Simpson Connections

*denotes his Simpson connections

1885  Born August 12, 1885 near Ackworth, Iowa

*1908  Graduate with B.A., Simpson College

*1908-10  Instructor at Simpson College – Director of the School of Art

1910-12  Instructor at North High School, Des Moines

1912-13  Attended Harvard University

1914  M.A. from Harvard / Married Grace Greenwood on October 2

1914-20  Instructor at North Division High School, Milwaukee

1917  Daughter Jean born

1920-22  Taught at the College of Emporia, New York

1923  Ph.D. from University of Chicago

1923-24  Taught at Michigan State University

1924-27  Taught at University of Illinois

1926  Published Soil Exhaustion

1927  Began teaching at University of Chicago

1930  President of the Agricultural History Society

1932  Published Edmund Ruffin

1933  Published To Markie

1935  Published Essays in Honor of William E. Dodd and wrote introduction to Turner’s The United States 1830-1850

*1936  Honorary Doctor of Laws – Simpson College / Wife dies while she was on a study tour of Europe

1938  Married Georgia Watson on September 26

1939  Published Repressible Conflict

1941  Published Democracy in American Life

1942  Published Coming of the Civil War

*1945   Honorary Doctor of Literature – Simpson College

1947  Published U.S. Experiment in Democracy / Distinguished Foreign Professorship – University of Sidney

1951  Published A Documentary History of the American People

1952  President of Southern Historical Society / Honorary Degrees from Tulane University and Cambridge University / Retired at University of Chicago – Professor Emeritus

1952-53  Pitt Professorship at Cambridge University

1953  Published Growth of Southern Nationalism

1953-54  Lectureship at the American Seminar at Salzburg, Austria

1957  Honorary Degree from Wayne State University / Published revised edition of Coming of the Civil War

*1958  Appointed to the Civil War Centennial Commission by President Kennedy / Received Simpson Alumni Achievement Award June 1, 1958 / Lecturer at the 5th Annual Christian Liberal Arts Festival Oct. 12, 1958

1959  Appointed to the Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission / Published The Civil War in the Making

1961  Honorary Degree from University of South Carolina / Published American History

1963-64  President of Mississippi Valley Historical Society

1963  Honorary Degree from Western Michigan University

1964  Published Historian and the Civil War

*1967  Lecturer at the American Studies Commission in Japan / Convocation speaker for Simpson College (at First Methodist Church)

1969  Published Reconstruction / Honorary Degree from Purdue University

1973  Honorary Degree from the College of Emporia

1975  Published Rachel of Old Louisiana

1980  Died January 21, 1980 in Chesterton, Indiana at the age of 93 – buried in Ackworth, Iowa

*1981  His entire library and manuscript collection was given to Dunn Library, Simpson College – Dedicated September 21, 1983