Letter from the President

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve heard of the Simpson Experience. More than likely, you’ve had your very own Simpson Experience. As you look back on your time here at Simpson and examine the path your life has taken, ask yourself, “How did my Simpson Experience affect my life’s journey and help me get to where I am right now?” Oftentimes, as life rolls out in front of us, we miss the opportunity to reflect on what shaped the person we have become and the success we’ve had in our career, our personal life, and in our service to others.

It’s that foundation, that jumping off point of your life that led us to highlight the alumni success stories in this online version of the Simpson Magazine. The people profiled have encountered success in a variety of ways and all were able to trace portions of that success back to their Simpson Experience. We know there are countless stories like this from our alumni and friends, and we encourage you to spend a few minutes thinking about that class you took that sparked your interest; that professor who challenged you to go further than you thought you could go; the organization you joined that instilled service, leadership or camaraderie in your core set of values.

Then, help us tell your story. Send us your story so we are able to continue to demonstrate what success looks like after your Simpson Experience. Or, tell your story to a high school student who is going through the college search process right now. Because the connection you make from Simpson to your own success story may be just the inspiration that convinces a prospective student that Simpson is the right place for them.

While many colleges and universities move students along the conveyor belt of higher education, Simpson has always strived to lead each student to a successful outcome. Everything we do is aimed at customizing the experience for each and every student so they will leave here having accomplished not only their own specific objectives, but also having prepared themselves for success throughout their lives.

You are proof of this. When we tell prospective students all they can accomplish at Simpson, it’s your stories, and your accomplishments, that give our remarks credibility. We can tell these students, “Look how far you can go” by showing them how far you have already gone.

Your Simpson Experience did not end the day you graduated. We’re proud of our tradition of success, which is another way of saying we’re proud of you. Thank you for being such a vital part of this great college.