Peer Instruction

Simpson math students have the opportunity to provide peer instruction for other students through undergraduate assistantships and tutoring in the Hawley Academic Resource & Advising Center.


Tutoring through the Hawley Academic Resource & Advising Center serves two purposes for mathematics majors and other students interested in mathematics.

  • Academic assistance is provided to all Simpson students free of charge.  Any student who needs some extra help to succeed in a math course can contact the Hawley Academic Resource & Advising Center  and arrange for individual tutoring.
  • Math students have an opportunity to earn some extra money while tutoring in their area of interest.

Undergraduate Assistants

At least four undergraduate assistants are hired each year to work for the Hawley Academic Resource & Advising Center.  The assistants provide supplemental instruction and tutoring for students in Math 105 Quantitative Reasoning and other mathematics courses.  For mathematics students interested in education as a career, assistantships are an excellent opportunity to gain experience.