Actuarial Science Major

Students must complete ten courses plus the capstone.


  • Math 151 Calculus I (QUANT)
  • Math 152 Calculus II (QUANT)
  • Math 205 Financial Mathematics
  • Math 251 Calculus III (QUANT)
  • Math 334 Applied Probability and Statistics
  • Math 338 Data Science
  • CmSc 150 Introduction to Programming (QUANT)
  • Econ 100 Economic Principles
  • Econ 385 Econometrics  (QUANT, SCIREASON, WRITCOM)

Take one of the following:

  • Math 245 Mathematical Modeling (ORALCOM, INFOLIT)
  • Math 255 Linear Algebra (ORALCOM)

Capstone: One of the following courses

  • Math 384 Actuary Internship Seminar
  • Math 385 Senior Research Seminar (ORALCOM, WRITCOM)

A student cannot get a Mathematics Major or Mathematics Minor in addition to the Actuarial Science Major.

Before graduation, all actuary science majors will complete coursework to prepare for the first two actuary exams.  Several students have passed more than two exams before graduation.  In addition, many actuary science majors complete an internship before graduation.

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