Honors in Mathematics Major

Students must complete ten courses plus the capstone and a second major or minor.


  • Math 151 Calculus I (QUANT)
  • Math 152 Calculus II (QUANT)
  • Math 251 Calculus III (QUANT)
  • Math 265 Introduction to Advanced Mathematics (CRITTHNK, WRITCOM)
  • CmSc 150 Introduction to Programming (QUANT)

200-Level Electives: One of the following courses

  • Math 245 Mathematical Modeling (WRITCOM, INFOLIT)
  • Math 255 Linear Algebra (ORALCOM)

Capstone: Both of the following courses

  • Math 385 Senior Research Seminar (minimum grade of A)
  • Math 398 Honors Research in Mathematics (minimum grade of A)

Electives: Four additional 4-credit 300-level mathematics courses from the following list:

  • Math 315 Graph Theory
  • Math 325 Topology
  • Math 331 Real Analysis
  • Math 335 Probability and Statistics I
  • Math 336 Probability and Statistics II
  • Math 345 Differential Equations
  • Math 350 Abstract Algebra
  • Math 360 Complex Variables
  • Math 375 Geometry
  • Math 390 Special Topics in Mathematics
  • CmSc 365 Theory of Computation

Additional Requirements for the Honors in Mathematics major:

  • A student will typically apply for the Honors in Mathematics major in the fall of his or her junior year.  The student submits the Application for Honors in Mathematics to the chair of the math department, who then passes the application on to all of the math faculty for consideration.  The student must complete 3 semesters of work at Simpson after approval of the major.
  • Second Major or Minor in a mathematics-related discipline
  • A GPA of 3.5 or higher must be earned in the courses for the major.
  • A grade of A- or better must be earned in five of the 200-level courses or 300-level electives.
  • Minimum grade of A in Math 385 Senior Research Seminar.
  • Minimum grade of A in Math 398 Honors Research in Mathematics.
  • The student must write and defend an honors thesis (completed during Math 385 Senior Research Seminar and Math 398 Honors Research in Mathematics).
  • The student must be active in a variety of math-related extracurricular activities.  A minimum of four extracurricular activities is required prior to applying for the major.  Choices include, but are not limited to, a math-related internship, summer research experience, the mathematical modeling contests, the Putnam Competition and the presentation of a math paper at a state, regional, or national conference.

A student cannot get a Mathematics major, an Actuarial Science major or a Mathematics minor in addition to the Honors in Mathematics major.