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MUMS 2004


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MUMS 2006

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Dr. Tim Breitzman

University of Dayton Research Institute (Material Science)

How can something 10-6 meters in length affect the space shuttle?

Multi-scale analysis


MUMS 2007

Dr. Jake Oleson

University of Iowa (Biostatistics)

Mapping of cancers in Iowa that are related to excessive alcohol and tobacco use

The Role of a Biostatistician: Boundless Research Opportunities


MUMS 2008


MUMS 2009
Howard Berger
University of Wisconsin – Madison (Meteorology)

Cloud Calculus: Working with Atmospheric Motion Vectors

Dr. Patrick Bahls
University of North Carolina at Asheville (Mathematics)

A brief (and biased) history of random graphs

MUMS 2010
Dr. Jon White
Coe College (Mathematics)
Games and Numbers
Dr. Glenn Ledder
University of Nebraska – Lincoln (Mathematics)
Life History Strategies for Annual Plants
MUMS 2011

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New directors:  Dr. Heidi Berger and Dr. Bill Schellhorn
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Dr. Jacob Heidenreich
Loras College (Mathematics)
Nietzsche vs. the Math Major
Dr. Michael Dorff
Brigham Young University (Mathematics)
Soap bubbles, shortest paths, and the shape of the universe
MUMS 2012
Dr. Joyati Debnath
Winona State University
Signals and Systems in Communication and Networks
Dr. Austin Calder
National Security Agency
A Peek into the National Security Agency
MUMS 2013

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Dr. T.J. Hitchman

University of Northern Iowa

Shorter or Rounder?  A Visual Tour of Curve Shortening






Dr. Rick Gillman

Valparaiso University

Optimizing Golf Bag Locations