MUMS Travel Stipends

Travel stipends are available for all students. The $1000 in total travel funding for MUMS 2015 is provided by a grant from the MAA (details at the bottom of this page). The MAA encourages students to first seek full or partial reimbursement for travel expenses from their home institutions. If you are a student, talk with a professor from your school about the availability of travel funds. MUMS travel stipends are only awarded when home institutions are unable to cover the full travel costs for students.

Click on the button above for the Student Travel Stipend Request Form.  Stipends will be awarded in the order they are received and as funding allows, so make your request early!  The quickest way to submit your completed form is to email it to  You can fill in approximate numbers and adjust them later at the symposium if needed.


Funding for MUMS 2015 is provided by NSF grant DMS-0846477 through the MAA Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conferences program ( Additional funding is provided by the Simpson College Mathematics Department (