Our Mathematics Community

  • Simpson math students participate in activities beyond the classroom that improve their teamwork, leadership, communication, and time management skills, including mathematical competitions, the Math Club, the Differential Analyzer Clubtutoring and teaching assistantships.  For example, 60 Simpson students competed in the international math modeling contests sponsored by COMAP this year, more than any other institution in the United States.  Our student profiles feature some of their accomplishments.
  • Alumni of our math program have been very successful.  Our alumni profiles feature some of their positions, including Actuary, Medical Doctor, Lawyer, High School Teacher and Vice President of Information Management.
  • The five professors in the our math department have a wide variety of mathematical interests, including game theory, mathematical modeling, statistics, chaos theory, geometry, knot theory, graph theory, and differential equations.  They are also interested in interdisciplinary applications of math in fields such as political science, economics, education, biology, chemistry and physics.