Our Faculty

Dr. Heidi Berger, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (2008)
B.A. Coe College, 2002; M.S. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2004; Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2008
Research interests:  time scales calculus, differential and difference equations, mathematics education
Carver 332  515-961-1837  heidi.berger@simpson.edu
Dr. Deb Czarneski, Associate Professor of Mathematics (2005)
B.S. Mount Mercy College, 2001; M.S. Louisiana State University, 2003; Ph.D. Louisiana State University, 2005
Research interests:  graph theory, Zeta functions of finite graphs
Carver 331A 515-961-1836 debra.czarneski@simpson.edu
Dr. William Schellhorn, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (2007)
B.S. Mount Mercy College, 2000; M.S. Louisiana State University, 2002; Ph.D. Louisiana State University, 2005.
Research interests:  geometry, topology, knot theory, applications of knot theory in biology, mathematical modeling
Carver 331B 515-961-1321 william.schellhorn@simpson.edu
Dr. Rick Spellerberg, Professor of Mathematics (1990)
B.A. Coe College, 1984; M.S. University of Iowa, 1988; Ph.D. University of Iowa, 1990
Research interests:  game theory, applications of game theory in biology and economics
Carver 337 515-961-1838 rick.spellerberg@simpson.edu
Dr. Murphy Waggoner, Professor of Mathematics (1992)
Department Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies Program Director
B.S. Arkansas Tech University, 1981; M.S. Oklahoma State University, 1988; Ed.D. Oklahoma State University, 1994
Research interests:  mathematics of origami, applications of complex analysis, curves and surfaces
Pedagogical interests:  writing-to-learn mathematics, projects-based learning
Carver 339 515-961-1839 murphy.waggoner@simpson.edu
Dr. Bill Dunning, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics (1984)
B.S. Union College, 1965; M.A. Duke University, 1968; Ph.D. Duke University, 1969
Dr. Bruce Sloan, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics (1998)
B.A. Sterling College, 1962; M.S. Emporia State University, 1966; Ed.D. Oklahoma State University, 1972