Multicultural Student Alliance

Multicultural Student Alliance coordinates cultural activities on campus like: Cultural & heritage month celebrations, panel discussions, and community events centered around diversity and tolerance in campus.

MSA statement

We in the Simpson College community value diversity and tolerance of difference. Any acts of hatred and public displays of bigotry, no matter how large or small, violate the core values of our community and of our own personal morals. Acts of hatred cause harm and generate pain and anguish for all of us and we refuse to tolerate or condone them. These acts cast a shadow on our commitment to inclusiveness, tolerance, equality and respect, and we reject such acts of hatred as contrary to our most basic values. We commit ourselves to speak out against hatred and bigotry, to embrace diversity and tolerance, and to provide support to the targets of hatred both on and off of the Simpson College campus. We commit ourselves to recognizing every other individual’s rights to dignity and respect because every person has worth as an individual. Therefore, I commit myself to eliminating prejudice in my own thoughts and actions as well as in the thoughts and actions of those around me in order to create for all a more diverse and nurturing environment. I hereby pledge to support our students, staff and faculty by ensuring a diverse and just community. I pledge that I will:
  • Treat all equally and with respect, without regard to their sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, marital or family status, parenthood, size or disability.
  • Not tolerate sexual or racial harassment. I will learn about Simpson’s anti-discrimination policies and I will speak up when I see them being violated.
  • Ensure that any allegation of sexual assault, sexual, racial or any other type of harassment or discrimination is promptly and thoroughly investigated. Students, staff and faculty making such allegations are protected from retaliation.
  • Not tolerate sexist, racist, sexually-explicit or pornographic images or language in the campus environment or at any campus events.