23rd Annual Middle School Honor Band

23rd Annual Middle School Honor band

  • Instructions

    Considering the success of the Festival, it is important to state the following instructions and policies regarding the nomination procedure:

    • The first and most important nomination criterion is the level of the student as compared with other students at your school. The best musician nominated should be listed as Number 1, the next best musician should be Number 2, etc. For example, if Jane Smith is your best musician, she should be listed as Number 1 on the list (regardless of instrument). This is VERY important as it will be used as the primary method of sorting through and choosing participants for the festival.
    • The grade level of the student, the commonality or rarity of the instrument on which they perform, and the comments that you provide serve as the rest of the criteria that dictates whether or not a student is accepted.
    • Each school is guaranteed at least two students accepted into the Honor Band. Our goal is to raise that number to four or five when at all possible.
    • There is no limit on the number of students that can be nominated.  • Please indicate the following when providing nominations:
    • comfortable range for trumpet players, reading clef for euphonium players and strengths/comfort zones (in regards to specific percussion instruments) for percussionists.

    Please type or print the information requested below. Feel free to contact Dr. Eckerty if you have any questions.

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