Music (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with a major in music is a 128-credit degree in which the number of courses in music is less than in the professionally-oriented Bachelor of Music degree, thereby making more hours available for non-music courses. The degree does, however, require a well-rounded set of courses that will leave the student with excellent musical understanding and performance skills. In addition, the student has the freedom to pursue a secondary area of interest, which might form the basis of a specific kind of professional training. Most students pursuing a double major (music and another field) choose the BA degree.

Students who earned the BA degree in music at Simpson College have enjoyed employment as administrators with arts organizations, attended graduate school to earn MBA degrees, attended graduate school in music, become private music teachers, and numerous other options.  The BA allows the greatest amount of curricular flexibility.

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Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Music

Required: (Credits)
•Mus 151-152 Theory 1 & 2 (6)
•Mus 153-154 Aural Skills 1 & 2 (2)
•Mus 251 Theory 3  (3)
•Mus 253 Aural Skills 3 (1)
•Mus 101 Survey of Music Literature (2)
•Mus 281 Conducting (2)
•Mus 270 Applied Music (private study in voice OR an instrument) (10)
•Mus 214 Ensembles (6)
•Mus 000B or Mus 000S Senior recital - capstone (0)
•Mus 00X Piano Proficiency (0)
•Two courses from:
     ◦Mus 201 Medieval and Renaissance Music (2)
     ◦Mus 202 Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries (2)
     ◦Mus 203 Music of the 19th through 21st Centuries (2)

Total (36 credits + capstone)



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