Orpheus Summer Music Camp


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Simpson College Singing Actor Camp:The New Orpheus Experience

July 15-21, 2018

McMillin_OrpheusThe Orpheus Experience

 Orpheus allows serious high school musicians to become immersed in incredible musical experiences for an entire week while utilizing the facilities and surroundings of the Simpson College campus. The camp’s staff is made up of Simpson College’s outstanding music faculty.


Hear what our past Orpheus campers had to say about Orpheus:

  • “My overall experience here made me feel stronger about myself and my abilities.  I’ve never worked so hard and I feel like my knowledge for music has grown even in these last couple days.” -Grace Rigdon, Swisher, IA, 2014 camper.
  • “The music faculty that I worked with were extremely kind, patient, and caring.  They did everything possible to help me learn more about my instruments and music in general.”  -Katie Sharp, Centerville, IA, 2014 camper.
  • “My best memory of Orpheus was the connection developed between the campers, and with the staff.  This connection…created a sense of community in thatwe all had similar interests.  I would literally describe the music faculty as the best part of the camp.  I say this due to their ability to make practice fun, but also give rehearsal a purpose, and last, how personal they are to each camper.”  – Matthew Sather, Spencer, IA, 2013 camper.
  • “Orpheus is easily one of the best opportunities for any high school student to grow in music.”  -Shea Lueninghoener, O’Neill, NE, 2014 camper.
  • “Orpheus is a great learning experience–very one-on-one.  You get a couple months worth of training combined into just one week.” – Alauren Ellenberger, senior from Palm City, FL, 2013 camper.
  • “I would describe the faculty as awesome.  I am now considering attending Simpson because of them.” – Abigail Becker, sophomore from Independence, MO, 2013 camper.
  • “Every high school musician should come to Orpheus.  You do productive things.  It’s challenging without being impossible, and you meet a lot of great people.”  – Olivia Baxter, senior from Linn Grove, IA, 2013camper.
  • “I made friends really easily.  There’s just something special about this camp.” – Maria Consamus, junior from Ames, IA, 2013 camper


For more information, contact Deb Terry, Orpheus Camp Coordinator, at 515-961-1637 or deb.terry@simpson.edu.