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Simpson College Singing Actor Camp
Class Offerings

Class for All Vocalists

Stage Movement: The class explores the skills to help you become acquainted with moving naturally onstage. We will work on the fundamentals of the 4th wall, rhythm, dance, stage combat, and gesture for the lyric stage. (Monday-Thursday morning) Instructor: Bruce Brown

Vocal Health: This seminar gives students strategies to maintain a healthy voice. Without vocal health you cannot perform well! How much can I sing in one day? Is warming up important? What lifestyle choices affect my voice? We will discuss the importance of sleep, schedule, diet, exercise and extra-curricular activities as well as singing technique. (Friday morning) Instructor: Jesse Stock

Afternoon Seminars

Students will choose ONE of these classes to attend during camp, subject to availability

Acting: The class will use games and exercises to develop the skills required to sing and act at the same time in performance. Exercises will explore the co-ordination of rhythm, pulse, pitch, harmony, text, emotion, and characterization on stage. We will build awareness of how music, text, and stage action combine to form a single powerful expression. Instructor: Bruce Brown

Music History: An overview of the trends and traditions in Western Music with an emphasis on the elements that make music meaningful, exciting, and accessible to all listeners. Instructor: Michael Patterson

IPA/Diction for Singers: A crash course on the International Phonetic Alphabet and basic pronunciation rules for German, Italian, and French lyric diction. This course will focus on the differences between spoken and sung diction, as well as proper vowel and consonant formation, including a clear description of the vowels and consonant sounds not found in English. Instructor: Jesse Stock

Musical Preparation for Vocalists and Collaborative Pianists: These classes will explore strategies for young vocalists and pianists to work on the musical preparation of songs and arias, including, but not limited to:
* Thorough application of musical rudiments to ensure efficient and accurate note-learning
* Presentation of songs in performance
* Assimilation of diction, music, and meaning in foreign language texts
* Multiple strategies for Memorization
* Consideration of the role of piano in collaboration and performance
Participants will be provided with tools to aid their future success in competitions, college auditions, juries, and recital performances. Instructors: Bernard McDonald and Suzanne Lommler

Optional Morning Seminar (pending enrollment and availability)

Applied Composition: An opportunity to explore the creation of music which will result in your own original creation. No experience with composition is necessary, however, functional piano skills are extremely useful to this process. This course will expect outside work. Instructor: Michael Patterson

Class offerings are subject to change

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