Single Reed Symposium

Single Reed Symposium Poster

Saturday, November 5, 2016


On Saturday, November 5th, 2016, the Simpson College Department of Music will host its fourth annual Single Reed Symposium. This day will include many activities for high-school, college, recreational and professional saxophonists and clarinetists. Master Classes, ensemble choirs, recitals, exhibits, and many guest and featured artists will make this a day to remember!

Directions to the event: Here!

This event is free, but participants
are asked to pre-register HERE!

Please plan on bringing your saxophone and/or clarinet to the event!

*2016 Schedule TBA*

2015 Schedule

11:30AM – Welcome mingle and check-in: Exhibits, coffee, juice and donuts, talking about reeds, mouthpieces etc with fellow enthusiasts…

12:00PM – Opening Potpourri Concert – LEKBERG HALL

Performer(s) Piece Title Composer Accompanist
Dave Camwell/Julia Nolan  Prelude to Partita N.3, BWV 1006  J.S. Bach  Jin Park
Julia Nolan  Sonata Robert Muczynski  Jin Park
 Jane Carl  Four Autumn Landscapes  Chris Rogerson Sonya Siebert

Dave Camwell/Mike Eckerty/Christy Eckerty


 Trio N.2 M1  Felix Mendelssohn  Christy Eckerty

12:45PM-1:30PM – Lecture/Demonstration A: Saxophones with Julia Nolan. Duncan Hall.

12:45PM-1:30PM – Lecture/Demonstration B: Clarinets with Jane Carl. Madsen Hall.

1:40-2:30PM – Sax/Clarinet Choir rehearsals directed by Dr. Mike Eckerty and Tony Wadle (saxes in Lekberg Hall, clarinets in Duncan Hall).

2:40-3:05 PM – Iowa Hot-Shots mini-concert featuring Iowa professionals including:

Performer Piece
Kariann Voigts  Four Characteristic Pieces – William Hurlstone
 Evan Smith Garden of Love – Jacob ter Veldhuis

3:05-3:30PM – BREAK/PIZZA PARTY/EXHIBITS/SHOP-TALK! ($1 a slice that will go towards helping us keep this event free).

3:30-4:30PM – Clarinet/Saxophone Master Classes with Jane Carl and Julia Nolan.

Saxophone MC participants (LEKBERG HALL):

Name College/School Piece Accompanist
 Grant Kofmehl  Simpson College Muczynski Sonata M1  Jin Park
 Kyle Burgess  Johnston High School  Bozza Aria Jin Park
 Mark Northup  University of Northern Iowa  Gotvkosky Variations Patatique; M. V/VI TBD
 Tiberius Quartet  Drake University  G. Lago: Cuidades  N/A


Clarinet MC participants (DUNCAN HALL):

Name College/


Piece Accompanist
Sabrina Fox Simpson College TBA  Sage Lenertz
Rachel Kehrberg Buena Vista Lamento et Tarentelle by Gabriel Grovlez  Sonya Siebert
Brooke Carter  Weber – Concerto No. 2, Mvt. 1  Sonya Siebert

4:30-5:30PM (approx.) – Final Concert featuring Sax/Clarinet Choirs and soloists


Performer(s) Piece Title Composer Accompanist
Camwell/Nolan  Double Concerto RV  548  Vivaldi  Ron  Albrecht
Colin Young  Escape Wisconsin  Caleb Burhan  N/A
Jane Carl/Kariann Voigts  Concert Piece

N. 1

 Felix Mendelssohn  Sonya Seibert
 Sax and Clarinet Ensembles  First Suite in Eb (saxophone ensemble)/


 Holst/Bach Saxes conducted by Tony Wadle. Clarinets conducted by Mike Eckerty.