Vocal Music


Students at Simpson have many vocal performing opportunities. Music performance majors, music education majors, students seeking a BA degree in music, and students majoring in other disciplines are eligible for all of Simpson's excellent performing groups.  A placement and minimum skills audition is required for involvement in any choir. Simpson was cited by the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) as the recipient of an award for a program of vocal excellence. Please explore the Vocal Ensembles pages found here to find out more about each of Simpson's exciting choral ensembles.  For more information or to schedule an audition, contact Dr. Timothy A. McMillin, Director of Choral Activities, 515-961-1578.

Learn more about Simpson's Choral Ensembles:

Chamber Singers

Simpson College Choir


Mr. Bruce Brown, Voice
Mr. Sam Carroll, Voice
Mr. Dennis Hendrickson
, Voice
Mr. Matthew Lau, Voice
Dr. Virginia Lauridsen, Voice
Mrs. Suzanne Lommler, Voice
Dr. Timothy A. McMillin, Dir. of Choral Act., Voice
Dr. Kimberly Roberts, Voice (Area Coordinator)
Mr. Jesse Stock, Voice


Mr. Bernard McDonald
Dr. Robert L. Larsen

Madrigal Singers

Women's Chorale

Click on the box above to see and hear a few highlights from Simpon's performance of Orff's, Carmina Burana!  This performance was recorded in April 2012.

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