Transfer Colloquium Courses (SC 201)

Transfer Colloquium (SC 201) is designed to help you transition to Simpson, socially and academically. In this small seminar, you will connect with other transfers, learn about campus resources and opportunities (advising, internships, and study abroad), reflect on future academic or career plans, and improve your writing skills.

Transfer Colloquium is a 1-credit class and meets twice a week for the first eight weeks of the semester. Because it is capped at 18, it is a great chance to meet a Simpson professor and other transfer students. Transfer Colloquium counts as a Written Communication course in the Engaged Citizenship Curriculum.

If you have not yet declared a major, the professor teaching the course will be your academic advisor. One or two upper-class students will assist the professor and be a resource for you in your transition to Simpson.

Listed below are the SC 201 course offerings for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. When you enroll in the upcoming semester’s courses in consultation with an academic advisor, you will choose one of them. To set up this meeting, arrange a campus visit by calling the office of admissions at 515-961-1660 (local) or 800-362-2454 (toll free). You can also contact Gwen Schroder, Director of Transfer Admissions, directly at 515-961-1695.

FALL 2014 SC 201 Courses:

Junk Science (Doling)

Transfer Colloquium (Cox)

Transfer Colloquium (Steffen)

Transfer Colloquium (Waggoner)

SPRING 2015 SC 201 Courses:

Junk Science (Brittingham)

Transfer Colloquium (Olsgaard)