Sex for Sale – Spring 2014

Simpson Colloquium  SC 201-D:  “Sex for Sale”
T  TH  11:20 AM – 12:50 PM

In this class, we will take up many questions related to sex for sale in many forms. Through readings, films, speakers and discussion, we will explore human trafficking, sex work, gender reassignment, the prospect of prenatal sex selection, the social construction of gender, and the use of sex in advertising. Globally, sex and sexuality have become displayed more openly, yet there is still mystery, titillating fascination, and judgment associated with this topic in our society; we will investigate this paradox.

Meet Professor Friedrich 

Lora Friedrich, Ph.D. 

Professor of SociologyLora Friedrich

I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana and as an undergraduate, attended a small, conservative, church related liberal arts college in north central Indiana. I thought I wanted to be a nurse-professional ice skater-social worker-teacher-social worker-lawyer-minister. I changed my mind a lot about what I wanted to be “when I grew up” but the thing that remained constant was that I wanted to help make the world a better place.

My undergraduate education really challenged me to question everything that I believed to be true. In retrospect, I liken this time in my life to being a young, tender flower in a greenhouse (cheesy, but true). I was in a perfect, safe environment to grow. Sometimes I was presented with information that I didn’t like or want to believe and I had to really stretch, often to an uncomfortable degree to really “get” what was being offered to me. As a result, I became a strong critical thinker, committed to international social justice, and dedicated to life long education (MSW, Washington University; PhD,  Ohio State University).

I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Thailand), a devoted, co-dependent cat mom, a loving and fun aunt (Karl, Matt, Jory, Jake), an avid gardener, and an ever evolving instructor.